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Pakistani women

Woman life in Asians /Pakistan/ India

As we know women plays important rule in the development of a country .women is about 60 percent of world population . In Pakistan this official is about 53%.we divided Pakistani woman in 2 two categories.
City woman life.

It says that City woman’s life is almost like a Western women life .but in actual western women spend too much difficult life as compared to western women.they do everything by there own.but Pakistani women depends whole life on others .it doesn’t means that she spend whole life without doing nothing .she does a lot office work as well as home task.but in actual her life is ten time more easier than western and village life women.they are totally independent .this society of women suffer few problems.

Village’s woman life

Life of village woman’s is too much difficult .she treated badly.but with the passage of time it changed .now in some village and ruler areas woman spend better life .
They do a lot of duties .she is always depend on others.she having no right to choose their life take decision of their life.

How we improve women life

We improve women life in our society by taking the few steps .
1) educate their parents that their daughter happens are more important than so called respect in society
2) taught women’s in school how they handle harassment in public places.
3) taught girls that disobedience is something else and to take decision of their life is something else
4) no one law brings fruit until people give knowledge about their right .Create confidence in your daughter
Educate your daughter.

Islam and woman

Islam gives huge Respect to is totally wrong concept that Islam bound a women in house .the first wife of holy prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) Bibi Khudija (r .a .u) was doing trade in Makha and out of Makkha
Mostly people make lame excuses that it is in our religion to take decision of our daughter life .it is totally wrong . when the holy prophet cousin Hazrat Ali put his purposal for holy prophet daughter’s Bibi Fatima .who was the best marriage purposal at that time .but holy prophet give this decision to her daughter that what she do with her life.
Those who say that they bound Women’s because they are true follower of Islam.they put one thing in their minds that they are not true follower of Islam but society.where they sacrifice the happiness of their children for so called respect
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