History of English literature anglo Saxon period

As we know English literature began in 450, when two tribes, the Anglo and the Saxons, invaded Britain. They had previously invaded the French. At that time, the Russians were living in Britain. The Anglo-Saxons were the first to tried to imposed his French language on them, and Augustine’s, they introduced French language official language, introduced Christenity to them. The main writers of this period are as follows 1) Cynewulf 2) cademon (both are poets ) 3) Alfred the great 4) Alfric (both are prose writer) 5) Bede (historian).They mostly wrote about religion, heroes and morality.

There Most important manuscripts were

1) verceli
2) bewoulf
3) exeter

Most of their literary works were destroyed ،few fragments left that represents their literature , because they adopted oral style . Everything is in the form of poetry .They borrowed latin word to develoed their Language . Alfred the great played important role in this regard .

Their most important literary works are discussing below:

Bewoulf is all about The hero Bewoulf . Bewoulf composed in northumbria by Christine poet at the end of 7th century Bewoulf consists of 3 successive narrative and explores the life of tribe in ancient time.

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