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The best way to grow your lashes without using any expensive serum

If you are also tired of being using expensive serums for growing your lashes, now you do not need to be worry as I am going to tell you the best and natural way to grow your lashes.

There are a lot of natural lashes available right now in the market. But again the problem is to buy and then fix them up. Still the eye lashes will look like fake. It will be the weather of money and time to buy them.

For this remedy you just need one empty container of any mascara and a caster oil. Just put some caster oil on that container and then shake it well. After that apply that home made serum on your lashes.It will be more effective if you apply this most beautiful and natural serum in night. InshAllah you will be amazed to see your lashes in just month.

You will get the rid of buying heavy and expensive mascaras and lashes along with serums.
If you really like this way kindly pray for me.

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