Hopelessness, a pit

It was the time when the covers of imaginations unveiling from deep corners of my mind and the realities of life disclosing behind me. Off course, nobody accepts them at once and goes into a state of hopelessness and becomes despair from the very situation happening in front of him.

Hopelessness is such a situation when your high  expectations from this world or even from yourself break and you don’t anticipate any good further. You see people of every age either elder or younger than you becoming successful, you thought that you haven’t any skill or talent or you don’t have any power to become successful as you have faced a lot of failures despite of your full efforts and hard work. This is a situation when darkness prevails around you and you find no way to come back.

I associate this situation with mental health because of hopelessness you can drag into a state of anxiety and depression as you find no goodness from anyone. You lose your courage and strength to move ahead and can’t make your life a welfare.Here I like to share a quote by Martin Luther King as he said :

“Everything that is done in this
world is done by hope “

Hopelessness is such a pit in which you just step in, you goes on felling into it own its own. You goes on emboging in this swamp without knowing its adverse impact on your mental health. It also affects one’s behavior and attitude as he has negative views about his incoming life. He also pays no heed to important things of his life, in this way he destroys not only his present but also his future. He losses his inspiration, motivation and optimistic approach towards his future.

Hopelessness is such a dreadful feeling that even if you see any motivation, people doing great even in their worse conditions and achieving a better outcome by their own efforts even then you don’t pay attention and not learn anything from it. Your mind is begin stuck in lowering your self-esteem and you start ruminating your problems. A big change in person’s behavior is also observed. You become angry on little things. Annoyance prevails in your attitude towards people and even your akins.

This problem needs to be addressed but even a person himself not understand that he is falling in a ghastly pit. This problem needs a special attention as way back is difficult but not impossible. Detecting the cause or failures, thinking positive about you and believing in yourself that you have the ability to make your paths easier can alleviate the feeling of hopelessness.

We are all souls just lost between dreams and realities 💔

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