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؟How to get 20000 Free Traffic on Your blog without SEO


Hello guys today I am just going to tell you how you can get free 20k organic traffic on the website. Its completely free free free !

As all of us know that the economic condition of every one is worse just because of
Covid-19. So if you want to earn money you can also start a blog for getting money and if you have an issue regarding traffic on it so do not worry about it, I just came out with a solution of your problem . The method I am just going to tell you about is completely free and that you will get completely organic traffic and you will not have any problem regarding ads limit in Google Adsense .

So I am just going to tell you the method in detail :

You can get this traffic from the question answering website and other websites but you just have to be patience and consistent in your doings it is one of the greatest rule in online earning .
The list of the websites from where you will get free organic traffic:

  1. Quora
  2. Pinterest
  3. Tumbler
  4. Reddit
  5. LinkedInSo guys first of all I am just going to tell you one of the best question answering website on the internet and one of the best method to get traffic on your website..

The Process of it is to create profile on the Quora and you just have to answer 5-10 questions daily relating to your niche and you should put link in only one answer but keep in mind you just have to answer question properly. But if you put more links frequently in your answers then you will be blocked from Quora . So its a best method to get organic traffic .There is another benefit of this website is that you can rank your blog on the google through this site if you answer properly.


Pinterest is also a very good site through which you can get free traffic. Its a social site and on this site you can get your blog rank on the google if your pin is good.
The Procedure of this site is to create an account on the pinterest that is very easy and you can also do it in a seconds . After creation of account you just have to create a board according to your category and you can create more than one boards at a time relating to different category. After creating board you just have to create a pin of your blog where you just have to put following information;

Title of the blog
Description of the blog
Link to the blog post
Featured Image from the blog

Then you just have to publish in the relating board and then you will get more visitors to your blog if you have more following on it.


Tumblr is also a social site and you can also get more free traffic from over there.
The procedure of this site is also very simple, you just have to open the Tumblr and create a profile on it and you can also get your followings from here.

In the top left corner you will get an option of text where you can put your blog title and description and after this you have to put a link to your blog post which will direct readers to your blog and you will get more traffic.


So guys here comes your fourth number website from where we will get free of cost organic traffic its similar to Qoura. You just have to create an account using various registering options likely using email or Facebook and many other options like this after creating your profile you have to join communities relating to your blog and its niche where you will be allowed to post and you will then put title and description of your blog along with the link redirecting to your blog .


LinkedIn is also a platform where you are able to create your profile and you will also get a chance to be hired if you are looking for a job but if you are a blogger then you just have to create strong posts so that you can get more followers and after you just have to put a link to your blog where you will get more clicks and more visitors to your website.

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