macOS Monterey turns your iPad, MacBook, and iMac into one big screen

Apple announced subsequent iteration of the Mac’s OS , dubbed Monterey, at WWDC 2021. As we expected, the newest version of macOS isn’t an enormous departure from what came before, with last year’s Big Sur update being fairly substantial on its own. That said, there are a couple of neat changes here, starting with what Apple is looking “Universal Control.”

If you own multiple Apple devices, like a MacBook and an iPad, you’ll now connect them wirelessly and convey the mouse cursor from the MacBook over to the iPad screen (and vice versa). With Universal Control, you’ll drag and drop files from one device to the opposite , and even connect quite two Apple devices together directly . Sure, owning an iMac, MacBook, and iPad all directly sounds expensive, but now it’s effectively a triple-monitor setup if you would like it to be.

Oh, and along similar lines, Mac displays are now AirPlay-compatible so you’ve got yet one more thanks to boast vacation photos.
Beyond that, Apple showed off “Shortcuts” — how to line up one-click macros that you simply can activate through the menu bar or Siri. If you are a writer, you’ll found out a shortcut to open your word processing system of choice and your favorite eight-hour-long ambient noise video on YouTube, for instance .

Speaking of browser windows, Apple showed off an updated version of Safari. It’s got a replacement , streamlined look, with tabs that change color counting on the colour of the page you are looking at. it is also getting some convenient features that became standard in other browsers lately (see: Chrome), like tab groups and increased support for extensions.

We didn’t expect macOS Monterey to be an enormous change from Big Sur , but things like Universal Control and Shortcuts will surely make it a more usable operating systems, especially for creators.

Now all that’s left to try to to is spend the thousands of dollars necessary to shop for all of these Apple devices.

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