Humanitarian Abdul Sattar Edhi’s statue put up in Quetta to honor his services

Honoring the services of the good humanitarian, referred to as Edhi baba, a life sized sculpture of Abdul Sattar Edhi has been put up in Quetta at the Edhi Chowk of the town .


The sculpture which, as per anthropologist, Sikander Ali Hullio, was within the works for quite few months, has been built by sculptor Ishaq Lehri, who first shared pictures of the finished statue on his Twitter in April.

The statue is 16.5 feet tall.

“This quite tribute is extremely inspiring because it breaks the taboo of to not sculpt and place such masterpieces, in public,” said Hullio, who shared images of the statue placed at Edhi Chowk.Founder of the world’s largest volunteer ambulance network, Edhi gave up the ghost on July 8, 2016, Karachi as he was affected by a protracted illness. The renowned humanitarian dedicated his entire life to the poor of the country.

After a couple of years of migrating to Pakistan in 1947, the philanthropist purchased alittle shop to open a dispensary in Karachi in 1951, which then became the most important charity organization within the country.


The Edhi Foundation, currently being managed by Edhi’s son, serves everyone no matter race, religion or nationality. The organization also runs several shelter houses, old homes, an ambulance network, orphanages, soup kitchens, morgues along side multiple other welfare services.

The foundation started by Edhi remains working for the betterment of the people across Pakistan.

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