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A great shady tree of life

The father is still associated with the style of self-sacrifice in spite of going through difficult times, the father becomes a protection for his children and works day and night to nurture them, without any greed, he struggles all his life to provide them all the happiness of world.

Henry Jackson lived in Spokane, a town in Washington, D.C., in the early 19th century. He had five children and his wife died during the birth of the sixth. He was fall in deep grief because he loved his wife very much. He started raising her children and decided not to get married. He was father and mother both at a time to his children. He used to take care of the children in day and night and cook for them and the children respected him very much. When her children saw people celebrating Mother’s Day with enthusiasm, they thought of the way a mother raises her children in all the troubles and difficulties of the world. In the same way, his father had suffered a lot in raising his children. He should also celebrate a day for his father’s services and love.

Henry’s eldest daughter, Sonora Dodd, celebrated first Father’s Day in 1909 with the participation of all relatives, siblings and all the townspeople. In which everyone together paid tribute to her father. The news became very popular when Sonora Dodd celebrated the day for her father, which was also published in American newspapers. The move was hailed by the American people, and in 1966 US President London B. Johnson declared the day a public holiday. It was legalized in 1972 and the rose was declared the gift of the day. On the same day, children present their father with a rose. Those whose fathers die put roses in their collars.

Allah has placed selfless love in the hearts of parents for their children, they do not need any wealth, treasure or greed. A seed is just a small thing when it is sown in the earth, God gives it strength and then in a short period it becomes a mighty tree.

In the same way, a father protects and nurtures his children day and night without greed or self-interest. No matter what the difficulties, the father becomes a safe haven for his children. There is no greater joy for a father than to raise his child to the best of his ability and see him become a successful man in the world. This love is assigned by Allah, so He puts selfless love in the hearts of parents.

A father who works hard for his children all his life day and night for their success and happiness, what a value has a day, even if the whole life is allocated, it is value less for father’s dignity. But in today’s world where everyone is pursuing their own interests and goals, on father day we should think about how our father worked for us day and night, took care and loved us. As he devoted his whole life to our happiness, are we giving our father love, honor and happiness in the same way?

No child can pay any price for the father’s compassion and sacrifices. Today, Father’s Day, we need to think that we are giving our parents the place they deserve in their old age. But sadly, in our society today, people do not pay attention to this and because of this evil that starts from home, many evils are growing in the society. Allah and His Prophet have commanded us to reflect on our affairs. If we realize our mistakes today, we should pay attention on rights of our father and try to do a bit like Sonora Dodd.


“Don’t search for what you’re passionate about, serve others to make yourself passionate.”


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