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How will you define careful

In your practical life,How will you define “careful”?if someone is careful, it means that they believe what they’re doing in order ,that they are doing not do anything wrong approximately ,that they avoid problems.Teachers need to take care when criticizing pupils.Even the foremost careful proofreader will miss the occasional error.

If you are careful, you will give serious attention to what you are doing, in order to avoid harm, damage, or mistakes. If you are careful to do something great, you make sure that you do it.

Careful about: People should be more careful about the items they assert .
Careful who/what/how: You want to take care who you accept a lift from.
Careful (that): Take care that the drugs is kept faraway from children.
Be careful to try to something: She was careful to stay her records up so far .

For defining careful more concisely here are some Synonyms & Antonyms for careful:



careful, alert, attentive, heedful, mindful, vigilant, watchful



These adjectives mean giving close or cautious attention: were careful to not get their shoes muddy; aware of any change within the patient’s condition; aware of her driving; heedful of potential danger; mindful of his health; a vigilant customs official; a watchful babysitter. cf. Synonyms at meticulous.

Difference between Careful and Cautious

What is the difference between ‘careful’ and ‘cautious’? The 2 words are listed as synonyms of every other because they both have a meaning of effort to avoid error and anxiousness to try to to something correctly. However while similar in meaning, they can’t necessarily be used interchangeably. The difference within the usage of those words is within the slight variation of meaning.

If we go to define ‘Careful’ then we must come to know that it comes from the basis word, ‘care’ which may be a verb meaning an attempt to try to to or things that are done correctly, safely or without causing any harm or damage.

For example: She took care to deliver the letter to the right address. ‘Careful’ is that the adjective form. It means using, done, made or said with care. She was very careful to deliver the letter to the right address. it’s the sensation of concern and thinking before doing something, which is what makes it almost like the word ‘cautious’.

‘Cautious’ comes from the basis word ‘caution’, which may be a noun. ‘Caution’ has the meaning of thinking ahead to scale back risk or avoiding danger. For example: Caution is required when driving on a dark road. It also involves taking care or warning someone to take care , and may even be used as a transitive verb form . during this way it’s associated with ‘care’.

For example: The caution sign cautioned us to not walk on the wet floor, we could slip and fall thereon .‘Cautious’ is that the adjective sort of ‘caution’. It means someone or something that displays caution and avoids danger or risk. For example: The cautious bird waited on behalf of me to go away before eating the crumb I dropped on the bottom .

While a cautious person may be a careful person, the words aren’t entirely an equivalent in usage. If an individual is named cautious, it indicates that they need fear or worry because the motivation for his or her careful behavior. It’s going to also indicate a scarcity of confidence or a hesitation about doing something. An individual that’s called careful takes extra care or time in their actions, but is seen as having consideration for others because the motive, rather than fear, worry, hesitation or a scarcity of confidence.

For example: The cautious parent was afraid to push her son on the swing, but the careful parent slowly pushed her son on the swing. the utilization of ‘careful’ also doesn’t imply there’s an actual danger present that must be avoided. Caution, on the opposite hand, implies that a true danger is present that needs concern. For this reason, signs that say ‘caution’ mean that there’s a danger present that must be avoided.

So while ‘caution’ and ‘careful’ are draw in meaning, they’re not precisely the same. The difference within the shade of meaning has got to do with the rationale behind why an individual or thing is being careful or cautious. ‘Caution’ takes on a rather stronger or more negative meaning when used as an adjective.

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