5 Inventive Ways to use Hair straightener

It’s been a while that straight hair isn’t leaving their grounds from the fashion industry. This has necessitated the use of iron straightener much prevalent. But have we ever thought that these straighteners can do a lot more than just straightening our hair? There are so many other ways that we can utilize these straighteners to give us every day a new look.

  • Before we jump into different ways of using the straightener, here are some prerequisites that need to be taken. So, yeah!
  • Always wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner.
  • Dry hair properly ( don’t use a towel for that, it’s not your skin but hair).
  • Use hair protection spray to prevent your hair from getting damaged or frizzy.
  • Regular use of essential hair oil to keep your hair soft.
  • So, now you will be amazed to know how cleverly you can use your hair straightener for creating different looks.

There are 5 inventive ways to style up your look:

hair styling

1. Beach waves:

Begin by holding a small section of hair and get your straightener to the roots, clamp and twist. Bring it down twist again in opposite direction. And you are good to go.

2. Messy Hair look:

Hold the section of hair again get to the roots, work it down by moving to and fro to make ‘S’, and yeah, you have it.

3. Voluminous curls:

Now it’s too easy to get those big bouncy curls just by taking a section of your hair and clamping it, wrap around your hair at 90 degrees either in the upward or downward direction and get the best bouncy hair look in minutes.

4. Bouncy bottom strands:

Take your small section of hair and begin from the lower end, move you straightened up, start 3–4 inch from the end, clamp it, flip the straightener up and down at 90 degrees making ‘S’. Your bottom strands will give you a high-volume bouncy look.

5. Crimpy you:

Divide your hair in thin portions and make fine braids throughout. Now take your hair straightener and crimp your every braided section at 2–3 inch, continue crimping down throughout your hair length. And take a look at your amazing hairdo.

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