Pakistanis living abroad create the country’s first electric vehicle

Dice Foundation, a non-profit organization managed by Pakistanis living abroad, has built Pakistan’s first electric and battery, a prototype of which might be unveiled within the next three to four months, the organization announced on Friday.

The battery pack for the electrical automobile is additionally being made in Pakistan, consistent with Dr. Khursheed Qureshi, founder and chairman of Dice Foundation, and therefore the design and construction process would be completed within the next two months.

Dr. Khurshid stated that so far $100,000 has been spent on the vehicle’s development, with monies provided by members of the Dice Foundation.

He went on to mention that Pakistan’s technical education institutes also helped. DHA Suffa University is handling the project’s technical analysis, while NED Engineering University is handling the project’s battery packing.

One of the foundation’s other initiatives in Pakistan is electrical car project is, which aims to spotlight the competence of Pakistanis living abroad within the field of technology.

Shagufta Naz

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