Artificial ideas sink us

In modern times our thoughts may be far better, thinking ahead of themselves. Deliberate and strong thinking makes us heroes from the bottom. Our artificial thoughts do not leave us anywhere and if they are in a negative direction.

Maybe then we can’t succeed. How our thoughts interfere with it and how success is possible with its help is an important aspect. Dale Carnegie whose writings have been instrumental in success even today. Today we from his own book we will consider a few important aspects that will help us know what success is and how we can do it and how artificial ideas change our lives. Examples are in front of you in which a person approaches you with a board, this board is 21 feet long, 1/2 feet wide, and half a foot thick. It is also sown with a hundred pounds i.e. Rs. 22922.70. The work will be in it Let the boards walk in a balanced step from one end to the other. Would you like this job for a hundred pounds? It can be said with certainty that you will do this happily.

Glad to do it because even a young child might do it. Consider that after only seven seconds they will be counting money and wondering how God has been kind to you. Now the same game is on the other side. Suppose that board is placed between two rocks. This board is placed like a bridge on a half-mile-deep hole, a terrible river is flowing down and there are terrible migraines in the river, so still Will we are ready to walk on this board for a hundred pounds? Let’s increase the number of pounds further. It will take from one hundred to five hundred pounds. So maybe you are ready to accept the offer. But May not be ready for action.

Hearing this one game both ways has changed your mind. If both wheels are taken into account, it may not make a difference, but you may reject the offer and never think about it again. Deal Carnegie’s answer is that your ideas are dignified. On these two occasions, only my imagination has changed. The idea of walking on the board for the first time was very clear and simple. And for the second time, you have the idea of failure. Come on It seemed and the scene of death began to appear before your eyes. It is clear how ideas can and have changed your future???

Artificial hazards have a greater impact on real potential. If we look at these things in the real world, we will see clear changes within ourselves. Your good thinking reflects your future. Difficulties surround and sometimes even tumble, but we also need positive and progressive thinking to solve these problems. For a good future, your thinking is neither artificial nor limited. Should be It may be because of someone’s fear that you have a small thought but then all your life your thinking limits you too and when a person becomes over 40 years old then he is probably afraid to make more decisions. He thinks that if a decision is made now, I may not be able to succeed.

I think by the age of 20 to 26 you should make important decisions with strong thinking. Continue your future with positive and progressive thinking, then when you reach your future you will probably not have this happiness. Explain what you are lucky at the moment. Think big and achieve great success.


“Don’t search for what you’re passionate about, serve others to make yourself passionate.”

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