زلزلے کی اقسام اور وجوہات


Earthquakes occur when tectonic plates collide. This may happen on land or at sea, or both. A quake can be a small aftershock or a large damaging event that produces landslides, tsunamis, and/or fires.

Earthquakes are a natural reaction to huge movements in the Earth’s crust, which can happen naturally or artificially. The earthquake is the result of tectonic plates rubbing against each other in various places around the globe and thus causing stress on the Earth’s crust.

Earthquakes happen because faults in the earth’s crust create pressure which causes trembling and sinking of the land. Faults occur along a number of types of lines, such as sliding and thrust faults, strike-slip faults, reverse faults, and normal faults. Most earthquakes are caused by movement along fault lines within the Earth’s crust but sometimes they occur elsewhere such as when a part of a plate slides under another one or when tectonic plates spread apart.

Earthquakes are often caused by sudden ruptures, or extensional fractures, in the Earth’s crust. The rupture may initiate at a mobile fault plane (the locked fault) or a stationary fault that is locked by normal stresses. The earthquake can occur without infantry rupture, called an EARTHQUAKE WITHOUT GROUND SHAKING(EWGS).

The answer lies in the foundational forces of Earth itself. When these forces are disturbed, earthquakes result. Earthquakes occur because of a sudden release of the stress built up inside the earth.

Earthquakes are a natural occurrence on a planet that is constantly changing. The earth’s surface moves somewhat regularly, causing earthquakes. When the Earth moves, it can bring up land masses and cracks in the surface of the Earth that then cause earthquakes. The energy released during an earthquake causes a tsunami and damaging power outages as well as flooding from rivers.

The cause of earthquakes is complex, but there are many factors that can increase the likelihood of one happening.

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