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Who are Anju and Nasrullah — the Pakistani-Indian couple making headlines | Marriage details

August 04, 2023
Who are Anju and Nasrullah — the Pakistani-Indian couple making headlines | Marriage details

Anju’s identity is unknown.

After her daring trip to Pakistan, Indian teenager Anju has gained social media attention. She was born in the village of Kailor in the UP and is 34 years old. Before communicating with her Pakistani Facebook buddy Nasrullah, she was residing in Alwa, Rajasthan, with Arvind Kumar. She is a married woman from Uttar Pradesh in India who dated Nasrullah, a young Pakistani man from Upper Dir in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Nasrullah: Who Is He?

Nasrullah is a native of Pakistan’s KPK’s Upper Dir. He was a teacher in the past but is now a medical representative. Anju, a young Indian woman, started dating. Through Facebook discussions, their friendship developed into a romance, and Anju eventually traveled to Pakistan to admire its unending beauty, particularly that of its Northern Areas. They became closer throughout their stay in a natural setting and finally were married.

Anju and Nasrullah’s Bond

Anju and Nasrullah connected on Facebook, and their online connection grew and strengthened as time went on. They both agreed to have a face-to-face meeting. The allure and beauty of Pakistan’s Northern Areas captivate Anju.

Nasrullah-Anju Nikah

Anju and Nasrullah went and toured Pakistan together while Anju was in the country, cementing their relationship. Finally, they made the decision to be married and formally end their relationship. Anju gave up her Hindu name “Anju” and selected the Muslim name “Fatima” for herself before converting to Islam. With her permission, she converted to Islam. They were married in a Nikah ceremony in front of Nasrullah’s family, the police, and their respective attorneys. The pair declared their intention to wed in court and legally registered their union. They took a sightseeing excursion, as seen by the happy photos of them that went popular on social media, and they visited beautiful places like the Lawari tunnel.

The Letter From Anju To Her Family

Anju released a video following her wedding in Pakistan in which she expressed her satisfaction and sense of security there. She made an effort to induce peace and relaxation in her family and relatives in India. She told them that she had planned her journey to Pakistan and had crossed the Wagah-Attari border legally.

Indian Family Of Anju

Anju lived in Rajasthan, India, where she had two children from a previous marriage: a 15-year-old daughter and a 6-year-old son. Anju married Arvind Kumar in 2007, and he continues to wish for her to move back to India.

First husband’s response to Anju

In a tragically depressing incident in India, Anju’s husband was taken aback and perplexed by her abrupt trip to Pakistan. Anju had earlier claimed that she was traveling alone to Jaipur, thus her unexpected stop in Pakistan was surprising.

30-Day Visa for Anju in Pakistan

Anju’s paperwork was verified to be in order, and the Pakistani Ministry of Interior issued her a 30-day visa to reside in Upper Dir. She was permitted to spend her visit with Nasrullah. Anju is set to return to India on August 20, 2023, as planned, according to Nasrullah’s written affidavit, which claims that their relationship was founded on love. Anju’s legitimate visit on a month-long visa and the legitimacy of her paperwork were both confirmed by a senior police official.

Seema Haider and Anju’s Love Stories

The histories of the Indo-Pak borderlands are those of love and hate. The experiences of Indian child Anju and Pakistani girl Seema Haider deeply impact the young generations on both sides of the border. These two women set off on their trips because their cherished men had shown them love and faith. Notably, Anju had legitimately filed to travel to Pakistan prior to the discovery of the Seema Haider scandal.

According to Seema’s account, she started dating PUBG on the gaming service. However, Anju’s Facebook interactions with Nasrullah marked the beginning of their romantic relationship. Seema Haider was previously freed from custody following the ATS probe, and she insisted that she wasn’t a spy and wanted to stay in India.

In May 2023, Seema Haider, 30, a native of Sindh, Pakistan, illegally entered India to be with her partner Sachin Meena in Greater Noida. Seema, a mother of four, was previously wed to Ghulam Haider, a Saudi Arabian citizen. She illegally entered India on May 13 with her four young children, traveling by bus through Nepal.

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