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Ramsha Brand

September 15, 2023
Ramsha Brand

Ramsha Brand

Ramsha is a clothing brand for women that needs no introduction. It started in Pakistan over three decades ago and is a familiar name for fashion retailers. This affordable clothing line provides superior-quality fabric, including several types of net and chiffon. When all the other brands offer casual clothing, Ramsha has come forward with its luxury chiffon and net ensembles to cherish festive moments.

The breathtakingly beautiful designs you imagine with closed eyes are what Ramsha brings to you in real life. The brand offers elegant articles with vibrant shades of the seasons for you to cherish the ever-changing fashion trends. It has only unstitched fabric in the casual and luxury collections. The materials are of the finest quality. The most recent production unit produces the embroidery using hand-selected threads. Hence, Ramsha truly reflects the ethnicity of the women of Pakistan.

How do we get started?

The story of Ramsha starts after today. It has seen more than thirty years of fashion trends until now. As the name depicts, Ramsha is named after the daughter of our respectable owner. The word Ramsha means bouquet, which accurately represents our designs. Initially started as a small-scale plan, Ramsha has seen Pakistan’s rising and offbeat style modifications.

More than a business, it was a dream of the founders of Ramsha, which fortunately developed under the wise supervision of his father. It crossed a line from generation to generation. Slowly expanding the production unit took a little time to get noticed by the public. In all these years of development, it has stood among the top-notch brands with customer’s approval. By that date, it had launched 23 volumes, all of which were best-sellers for the quality and comfort they provided. Per the demand for Ramsha’s unique designs in the consumer market, the production units have also increased.


The theme of Ramsha is not just to customize women’s clothes. We sell a rare concept. In a market of vibrant dresses by different brands, Ramsha stands out distinctively for its vision-based collection. Over the years, it has launched many new impressions through its volumes, including partywear dresses.

From casual to luxury embroidery chiffons, Ramsha made its way to modern-day clothing attire to comfort its customers. Our various collections’ fabrics range from the finest quality pure chiffon, bamber chiffon, pk chiffon, net, and crinkle.

Our collection includes a kurta, two pieces (semi-stitched), three pieces, a saari, a lehenga, and many more. From casual to formal wear, we have a wide variety to suit every occasion.

Each season, Ramsha offers many unique designs that are never repeated. The target audience is not just young girls. The attire presented by us is meant to beautify every woman, regardless of her age. Women from various fields have appreciated the best-seller codes from each volume in the past.

Be it a professional working woman, a housewife, or a college student, Ramsha promises to facilitate all. Our expert designers put all their efforts into creating unique styles that are not stereotypical. Any customer can pick a design and modify it as per their requirements. This special privilege is only available to our buyers, making them look different, trendy, and up-to-date wherever they go.

Not just the designs but the fabric we use is comforting and soft. All the strategies, color schemes, patterns, and materials are neutral, which makes them perfect for all women.


Now, Ramsha is one of the most popular clothing lines. After being on the market for years, it became famous for its supreme quality and captivating designs. The fame was achieved through word of mouth. As the production unit and sales increased, Ramsha launched new varieties from time to time.

To inform our customers of these new designs and clothing options, we are now functional for niche marketing through social platforms and campaigns. Initially, it had its base in Lahore. There are multiple store locations within the city. As a part of expanding the plan, senior management at Ramsha is now working on opening more stores in all leading cities in Pakistan.

Ramsha’s fame has reached international markets, too. Pakistanis in all regions are interested in buying this brand’s unique designs. Many wholesalers deal with Ramsha in various countries, such as India, Bangladesh, Qatar, Oman, Sharjah, the UK, Canada, and Germany. These native retailers are helping to provide our international customers with all the latest designs.

The popularity of Ramsha’s volumes is broader than just Pakistan. We have now opened an international store in Sharjah, which is operational. More international destinations are yet to be announced.

For us, the satisfaction of the buyer is a vital duty. The reason that makes Ramsha a preferred choice for customers is our price policy. As Ramsha moved from small-scale production to high-end products, it regards its long-term customers. For this reason, our prices are not as high as those of the other clothing brands operating in Pakistan today.


In the future, we plan to expand our products’ availability. Specific designs, fabrics, and modern cuts are under consideration to be launched soon. One of the most talked-about items is lawn, for which our creative team is working hard. The initial response to the newly launched stores of Ramsha has encouraged us to open new platforms for our beloved customers. One step of this multi-approach plan is to establish new stores under development.

A new and more convenient plan is introducing a web store for easy and convenient shopping. It is helpful for the online audience to review all the collections of Ramsha over the years online. Also, the viewer can eventually decide the order, which will be possible through our online order system. We are also working on our customer support system to assist with all the queries and questions regarding the brand, collection, or orders. The social media platforms are also functional to keep you updated on all the updates and news related to new volumes, offers, and announcements.

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