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Audi Brand Ambassador

September 14, 2023
Audi Brand Ambassador

Audi Brand Ambassador



One of India’s most well-liked cricketers, Virat Kohli, is well-known for his passion for automobiles. The cricketer also represents Audi India as a brand ambassador.

Virat Kohli owns a sizable collection of pricey luxury and exotic vehicles in his garage. For obvious reasons, most of the cars in the garage are from Audi. Virat frequently sells the older models to free up space in his garage while continuing to purchase updated models.

He sold an Audi R8 as one such vehicle. Virat Kohli’s former automobile was discovered in a rural area of Maharashtra. The car has been abandoned and left to rust.

Virat Kohli’s Audi R8 belonged to a previous generation. He purchased this supercar in 2012. When we looked up the car’s license plate, we discovered that Virat had sold it to Sagar Thakkar. The broker handled the transaction. Later, Sagar Thakkar was found to be a felon who also participated in a large-scale fraud.

Sagar Thakkar, also known as “Shaggy,” had purchased Virat’s Audi R8 as a gift for her girlfriend. Sagara took part in a massive call center scam. He fled, but Maharashtra police were able to apprehend him. Sagar was taken into custody, and the police immediately took all of his belongings, including his homes and vehicles.

The list of vehicles that the police seized included the Audi R8. At the Mumbai Police impound ground, the automobile was parked. It is an open area without a shed or other structure where the car could be safely parked.

According to accounts, after Mumbai experienced significant rain and subsequent flooding, the Audi R8 parked at the impound field was entirely ruined. Even some reports claim to have witnessed the automobile drifting in floodwaters.

The condition of the Audi R8 is terrible. The police claim that Sagar gave Virat Kohli a handsome Rs 2.5 crore in exchange for this automobile. Virat Kohli has a special relationship with the Audi R8, as it was his first sports car. He frequently drove it and brought it to Delhi soccer games. Virat Kohli gave Chris Gayle a ride in his Audi R8 in a video that quickly became popular online.

Garage of Virat Kohli

As was already established, Virat Kohli has a sizable collection of high-end vehicles in his garage. He was seen operating a Porsche Panamera in Delhi earlier this year. He drove from his house to the Arun Jaitley Cricket Stadium, formerly Feroze Shah Kotla. Besides this, Virat is the owner of two Bentleys. He drives a Flying Spur in Mumbai and a Bentley Continental GT in Delhi.
Additionally, he owns two Range Rover SUVs, one based in Mumbai and the other in Delhi, both owned by his wife, actress Anushka Sharma. He keeps several, but not all, Audi vehicles in his garage.

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