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From Pakistani to Kenya – How to Plan the Best Safari Trip

January 09, 2024
From Pakistani to Kenya – How to Plan the Best Safari Trip

From Pakistan to Kenya: How to Plan the Best Safari Trip

After spending a day tracking wild animals in the African bush, there’s nothing better than relaxing in the dusk sun.

A nearby campfire crackles. You have a lovely beverage, take in the tranquil sounds of the night, and witness your loved ones’ expressions of genuine happiness. Does the aroma of delectable food tempt your nose as it wafts through the air?

Enticing. The most amazing trip ever. Once in a lifetime.

The quality of your planning determines the kind of memories a Kenya safari vacation leaves in your heart and head. We want to impart crucial advice to help you have an exciting vacation.

Collaborate With a Travel Agency
Although “winging it” seems like a lot of fun, it’s not advised. There’s much to learn about the local language, customs, sightseeing destinations, lodging, transit, and facilities.

You might not get the best or end up in the wrong hands if you don’t get professional assistance. Working with a local agency will be beneficial even if your trip to Mombasa, Kenya, is just intended to be a beach vacation.

They’ll assist you in getting the most fantastic deals on beach resorts and suggestions for what to do and see while you’re there.

Travel agencies strive to find their clients appealing safari packages. Before providing the possibilities that meet your budget, the operator will listen to your preferences and the experiences you hope to have.

They handle everything, including hotel reservations, special events, safaris in hot air balloons, dietary restrictions, and beverage preferences. They will be there to make your safari magical and unforgettable when your plane lands in Kenya.

Verify the Requirements for Travel
To enter Kenya lawfully, you will require:

identity documents with a clean passport photo and clear page with biodata
a current passport that has at least six months remaining on it from the date of your entry into the nation
A legitimate visa for which you can apply online. If your application is approved, your visa should arrive in five days. A ticket that is still valid and certifies your intention to return to your home country.
Information about your itinerary and pertinent accommodation reservations vaccines, such as a COVID-19 negative PCR certificate, confirmation of COVID-19 vaccination, or yellow fever. The whole list of immunizations is available here.
An essential note regarding the visa. Your 90-day tourist visa covers Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. You must apply for a Tanzanian visa separately if you want to leave these countries and, for example, follow the wildebeest migration to Tanzania’s Serengeti.

Establish a Budget Range
It is the primary factor influencing the details of your schedule. For how long will you be staying? How many companions do you travel with? Which activities are you interested in doing? The hot-air balloon safari, for instance, has additional costs.

Most tour providers present a single package that includes lodging, transportation, attractions, and amenities. They can assist you in finding one that fits into your spending plan.

When to Go
Kenya has two distinct seasons: dry and wet. Everybody has something to give guests. An outline of safari encounters during these seasons is provided below:

From November through March
The nation sees brief rains during this time of year, followed by hot, dry weather. In the wild, animals must struggle to survive with fewer watering holes and less greenery. Hotels and parks are also less crowded. It’s the ideal time to get up close and personal with the creatures.

April through June
When heavy rains start, greenery is abundant and rivers overflow, occasionally washing away bridges and even flooding certain lodging facilities.

It is not all terrible, though; you will probably witness one or more predators as they travel on vehicle tracks to escape wet grass.

July to October
The parks are alive with activity, and the weather is pleasant. In pursuit of food, more than a million migratory herds of gazelles, zebras, and wildebeests join the native animal population.

Predatory Nile crocodiles, together with lions, cheetahs, and hyenas, stalk the herds in search of food, so there’s plenty of action. It’s a great time to visit Masai Mara in Kenya, but reservations are required well in advance.

Who Will Be Traveling With Us?

Is it a two-person trip? A gang of pals? Or are you planning to bring little children with you? If your group is more extensive, reserve your favourite resort or camp in advance. This is particularly true when hotels fill up quickly during the busiest time of year.

Similarly, several camps are exclusively for adults and do not admit small children. This is being done for safety concerns or to prepare the area for honeymooning couples and similar occasions.

The Kenya Luxury Safari team can provide you with all the information you require to select the ideal lodging.

Getting Ready for Safari
This links to the preceding point, number 4. When you go for an early morning drive, even the hottest months might leave you feeling extremely cold. We advise bringing a few sweaters and clothing that you can layer.

Keep comfort in mind when packing, and remember your shoes. Bring boots if you plan to explore the bush on foot, as the ground can become rough, prickly, and uneven.

Some camps provide laundry services, but not all charge for them. You can hire a laundromat or bring extra clothing for the journey.

Make Your Safari Reservation With Us
Planning a safari with the assistance of a tour operator yields the most amazing experiences. Kenyaluxurysafari.co.uk is a knowledgeable and seasoned travel operator in Kenya.

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