• Here’s How to Get A Driving License in Karachi

    Driving on the streets and roads of Karachi without a permit to drive may be a serious crime. Yet, you’ll be able to see lots of underage individuals driving vehicles without a license, which is sort of dangerous for the driver additionally as others on the road. Acquiring a driving license in Karachi may be a necessity, not only for convenience but also if you wish to lead a peaceful life without getting detained or heavily fined for having no driving permit, just in case you get caught. AM I ELIGIBLE to use FOR a driving license IN KARACHI? This…

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  • Toyota Mirai sets world record traveling 1360 km without refueling.

    The company announced that the Toyota Mirai 2021 has officially set the Guinness Book of world Longest continuous distance travelled by a hydrogen-electric cell electric vehicle without running out of fuel. The track distance of 845.3 miles (1,360 km) was the assault on August 23 and 24, 2021, during a roundtrip tour of Southern California. 5.65 kg of hydrogen was consumed by the car. Guinness World Records heavily watched the official record attempt, ensuring that the strict criteria and documentation procedures were followed. The Mirai logged a stimulating 152 MPGe with water as its only discharges on its efficiency-focused August…

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  • Honda Pridor 2021 price in Pakistan- Features, Specs, and Reviews

    Honda’s latest product, the Pridor, features cutting-edge design and technology. Atlas Honda’s Pridor 2021 could be a top-quality product. Additionally, Atlas Honda’s name instills trust in purchasers, who have higher expectations for the products. In this post, we’ll go over the Honda Pridor 2021 price in Pakistan, further because of the features and specs, that may facilitate your decision whether or to not buy the bike. Honda Pridor 2021 Features The following are the features that the Honda Pridor New Model 2021 seems to deliver: It has a long-lasting 100cc OHC Econo Power engine. It has a relaxing seat with…

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  • Become a Tax Filer: How to Register Online to File your Income Tax Returns

    Become a Tax Filer: How to Register Online to File your Income Tax Returns The government of Pakistan is taking extra measures to bring more people into the tax net. Paying taxes is one thing and filing tax returns is another. The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) wants all taxpayers to become tax filers furthermore. During this informative blog, we’ll guide you step-by-step on the way to become a tax filer in Pakistan in 2019. Who can apply for online registration? Only an individual can register through an e-filing system. So, associations of persons and companies need to go through…

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  • A Comprehensive Guide on NICOP – National ID Card for Overseas Pakistanis

    There are certain documents that are deemed mandatory for each Pakistani citizen, such as a National identity card (NIC), Driver’s License (in case you drive), Passport (in case you would like to visit another country), and the necessary legal documentation if you own a vehicle or movable or immovable property. However, if you propose to move or work as an ex-pat overseas, then you’ll need a National card for Overseas Pakistanis. What is NICOP? Wondering what’s NICOP? because the name suggests, NICOP (National Card for Overseas Pakistanis) is an identity card that’s exclusively issued to Pakistani citizens who are about…

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  • Here’s What Overseas Pakistanis Need to Know About Becoming Tax Filers

    If you’re a citizen of Pakistan residing in a foreign country, you would possibly have some questions regarding filing your tax returns. or even you wish to grasp if you’ll be able to become a tax filer, to start with. While the prospect of handling taxes could seem overwhelming to some, the method through which overseas Pakistanis become tax filers is sort of simple. Before we discuss how Pakistani ex-pats can file tax returns from the comfort of their homes, let’s address some common misconceptions and questions you would possibly have. Should OVERSEAS PAKISTANIS FILE TAXES? The simple answer is…

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  • Here’s What You Need to Know About Supreme Court’s New E-Court Portal

    In a bid to digitize the system of Pakistan, chief justice of Pakistan Justice Asif Saeed Khan Khosa recently inaugurated a brand new portal hosting a variety of innovative features, especially the highly anticipated e-court/ video-link facility. Together with introducing the innovative e-court portal in Pakistan, the Supreme Court has also launched a brand new litigant-friendly website together with a state-of-the-art and Supreme Court Research Centre. At a time when courts around the world are setting out to explore emerging digital possibilities, the new e-court portal system is predicted to alter the course of the system by making it more…

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  • What is Income Tax and Why is It Important?

    It’s that time of the year again when people start compiling their financial statements and balance sheets to file their tax returns for the previous fiscal year. Sadly, only a little percentage of individuals in Pakistan file their taxes yearly in spite of paying various direct and indirect taxes all year round. The most reason for this is often that the majority of people in Pakistan still don’t know what income tax is, the importance it holds for the govt to function, and their status as responsible citizens of the country. We’re here to answer what’s income tax and share…

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  • How to Apply for Special CNIC in Pakistan

    The process of applying for Special CNIC for disabled people is quite simple, as long as you’ve got all the specified documents. Therefore, if you or someone you recognize wants to induce a Special CNIC in Pakistan but does not understand how to proceed with their application, we’ve got put together a step-by-step guide that will definitely facilitate your out. However, before we discuss the whole process to apply for a SCNIC in Pakistan, let’s take a fast examine what this card actually means and who can get it made. WHAT IS A SPECIAL CNIC? In 2009, the government of…

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  • ‘Letters of Administration and Succession Certificates’ Initiative Introduced in Pakistan

    In a high-profile event on Wednesday, July 14, 2021, Prime Minister Imran Khan launched the Letter of Administration & Succession certificate Initiative for Punjab. Addressing the event, the Prime Minister called it a significant step that aims to smooth the general public including the overseas Pakistanis. He further stated that the government was committed to generalize the use of the concluding technologies to introduce and promote the generality of E-governance in the country. According to the premier, all these actions were intended to further ease and simplify the life of a common citizen. He also said that all regional land…

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