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  • Islam and Life Etiquette

    Islam is a religion of goodwill that commands the promotion of peace, mutual tolerance and compassion in all sections of society. He has the status of literature and favor with the creation of Allah. Good manners lead to a relationship between one another and the brotherhood. When literature reaches its peak, it passes sincerity and reaches love. Love teaches the…

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  • Human Growth and Development

    Evaluation of growth and development may be a crucial element within the physical examination of a patient. A bit of excellent working knowledge and therefore the skill to guage growth and development are necessary for any patient’s diagnostic workup. The first recognition of growth or developmental failure helps for effective intervention in managing a patient’s problem. This activity reviews the…

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  • A great shady tree of life

    The father is still associated with the style of self-sacrifice in spite of going through difficult times, the father becomes a protection for his children and works day and night to nurture them, without any greed, he struggles all his life to provide them all the happiness of world. Henry Jackson lived in Spokane, a town in Washington, D.C., in…

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  • Digital portal named ’’ launched to amplify work and voices of women in law

    A digital portal named “” has been launched in Pakistan, with an aim to attach , celebrate and amplify the work and voices of girls in law. The one-stop dedicated online platform includes various features like Information Desk, networking opportunities, female practitioner’s directory, discussion forum, historic contributions of girls to law, interviews, and updates, useful resources, among many others. As…

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  • The best way to grow your lashes without using any expensive serum

    If you are also tired of being using expensive serums for growing your lashes, now you do not need to be worry as I am going to tell you the best and natural way to grow your lashes. There are a lot of natural lashes available right now in the market. But again the problem is to buy and then…

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  • Pakistani women

    Pakistani women

    Woman life in Asians /Pakistan/ India As we know women plays important rule in the development of a country .women is about 60 percent of world population . In Pakistan this official is about 53%.we divided Pakistani woman in 2 two categories. City woman life. It says that City woman’s life is almost like a Western women life .but in…

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  • How to Find the Best Skincare Routine

    How to Find the Best Skincare Routine, According to a Dermatologist: A step-by-step guide to to putting together the proper regimen for flawless skin, including the proper order to use products. So you wish to start out a skincare routine, but you’ve got some questions: what number products does one must use? which of them are right for your skin?…

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