• Most Popular Localities for Buying a House in Peshawar

    Most Popular Localities for Buying a House in Peshawar We can’t deny the very fact that the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa occupies a big place in Pakistan’s property market. Given the city’s economic importance post-CPEC and also the fast-paced development over the past few years, both investors and buyers are more eager than ever before to invest in Peshawar’s property market. There’s an enormous spectrum of properties available varying in size and price range. This blog, however, is concentrated on the top localities for purchasing a house in Peshawar. We will begin by supplying you with an overview of the buying trends in Peshawar, then march on to debate the top three areas in detail to provide you an improved…

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  • Kazani 3 Sets New Standard of Architectural Excellence in Islamabad

    Kazani 3 Sets New Standard of Architectural Excellence in Islamabad All set to become the top of luxury living in Islamabad, Kazani 3 in Gulberg Greens marks the arrival of a stimulating skyscraper to the swiftly expanding skyline of the capital city. The creative and engaging design of this mixed-use vertical development introduces a new standard for architectural brilliance to 1 of the foremost modern and impeccably planned neighborhoods within the metropolis. Additionally, it’s guaranteed to leave genuine buyers and assets investors in awe over its ingenuity and uniqueness. So, does one want to find out more about this magnificent residential and commercial high-rise project? To assist you to reach an informed decision, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide which…

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  • What Is a Levy?

    What Is a Levy?

    What Is a Levy? A levy is the legal seizure of property to satisfy an impressive debt. If you fail to pay your taxes, the inner Revenue Service may respond by levying your income tax return or property. Tax authorities may also levy other assets, like bank accounts, income, or retirement accounts. KEY POINTS Levies are the legal means by which a taxing authority or a bank can seize property for the payment of a debt. Properties that will be seized during a levy are both real–such as cash, cars, and houses–as well as intangible and held by somebody else, like future wages. A levy is different from a lien because a levy takes the property to satisfy the tax…

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  • Defence View Apartments – An FBR Registered Project

    Defence View Apartments – An FBR Registered Project Style, luxury, comfort and accessibility are a number of the features that the majority of buyers search for in residential projects, especially vertical developments. People across major cities in Pakistan are investing more in vertical complexes that may be residential, commercial or mixed-use, primarily because these are more cost-effective and sustainable than houses. If you’re trying to find vertical developments in Lahore, then confirm to test out Defence View Apartments. This blog will provide you with a whole overview of the project to assist you to create an informed decision. Features Of Defence View Apartments Pakistan contains a growing need for residential units. In the past, developers were only focused on building…

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  • How to Draft and Register a Relinquishment Deed in Pakistan

    How to Draft and Register a Relinquishment Deed in Pakistan If you’re planning on transferring immovable property in Pakistan, especially between members of the family, you would possibly register a relinquishment deed to complete the method. It is very like a sale deed and gift deed, relinquishment deed is one among the most ways someone can transfer their property by surrendering their own rights, title, and interest. To put it simply, a relinquishment deed may be an instrument that’s drawn when a private formally gives up their legal rights on an inherited property by relinquishing it within the name of another co-owner. However, it’s important to know that relinquishment of rights in immovable property is just valid when the transfer…

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  • Why Is It Important For Property Dealers To Register With FBR?

    Why Is It Important For Property Dealers To Register With FBR? Aligned with the agenda of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has recently registered quite 20,000 property dealers across the country. the target of the FATF is to require legal and operational measures to observe and regulate large-scale financial transactions so as to combat hiding and terrorist financing. By taking this step, the FBR has not only met another important condition of FATF but also documented some ways to spot suspicious investors. The document released by the FBR, titled “Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) – Guidelines for assets Agents,” states the aim to coach property…

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  • Exploring Shanzay Cottages & Housing Scheme in Hyderabad

    Exploring Shanzay Cottages & Housing Scheme in Hyderabad Being the second-largest city in Sindh, Hyderabad has always been a hotspot for brand new property developments. It’s now home to several prominent urban developments, contributing to the expansion of the city’s property market. Offering a world-class living experience with a reasonable tag, Shanzay Cottages & Housing Scheme is yet one more groundbreaking addition to the estates of Hyderabad. This masterfully planned residential development is the brainchild of DUA Builders & Developers, a highly reputable name that has already successfully delivered multiple projects within the city. LOCATION OF SHANZAY COTTAGES & HOUSING SCHEME IN HYDERABAD Shanzay Cottages & Housing Scheme is found in Latifabad, one of every of the foremost popular neighbourhoods…

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  • Things you need to know about Property Tax Implementation in Sindh

    Things you need to know about Property Tax Implementation in Sindh Tax is undoubtedly one of the foremost important sources of revenue for each country within the world. Divided into four provinces, Pakistan has authorized each province to plan its own mechanism regarding assembling for movable and immovable properties. However, tax rates applied on immovable properties are approved by the upper officials of the centralized and are in accordance with the Sindh Immovable Property Act 1958. The speed of tax imposed is predicated on the kind of the property and its estimated annual rent. DETERMINATION OF THE ANNUAL VALUE OF PROPERTY UNDER SECTION 5-A As certainly the annual value of property in Sindh may not be as easy as it…

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  • Property Fees Applicable to Real Estate Investments

    Property Fees Applicable to Real Estate Investments Buying and selling a property may be a process that needs plenty of research and might become extra or unnecessarily time-taking and complex if you’re not alert to all the fees and documents involved. Property transactions don’t just involve the value of the plot, but also a variety of fees or taxes associated with the registration and transfer of the property. While some property fees in Pakistan may differ between provinces, you’ll generally need to pay these charges when buying and selling property everywhere in Pakistan. Therefore, you ought to always keep these extra charges in mind together with the worth you’re on the brink of procuring the property. TYPES OF PROPERTY FEES…

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  • Comparison Of Carpet Vs Hardwood Flooring

    Comparison Of Carpet Vs Hardwood Flooring The flooring you select for your home is important for myriad reasons. For starters, flooring helps set the mood of your home. A dull grey floor can maybe work for an institution sort of a warehouse, but in an exceeding house, it’d look unpleasant. There are lots of options available in all styles of budgets, which might get a bit overwhelming with so many designs and materials. We have already got detailed guides on differing types of flooring options like cork flooring, terrazzo flooring and differing kinds of marble flooring but a comparison between them gets tough which is where we are available. Our guides on comparison between carpet vs vinyl flooring and ceramic…

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