• How to insert a text box in Google Docs

    When you create a Google Docs file, you’ll start entering text in it straight away. It’s a word processor and by default, it’s set up so you’ll start working. The text that you just enter is in-line text. You’ll add other objects to a document, including, but not limited to text boxes. The text box in Google Docs A text box is a document element very much like graphs and pictures. It’s a self-contained area within the document that you just can enter text in. It’s great for styling a document e.g. If you wish to incorporate a snippet of supporting fact without interrupting the flow of what’s being written. Here’s how you’ll be able to insert a text box…

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  • Introduction to HTML

    Introduction to HTML

    Introduction to HTML HTML is a fairly simple language made from elements, which might be applied to pieces of text to allow them different meanings in a very document (Is it a paragraph? Is it a bulleted list? Is it a part of a table?), Structure a document into logical sections (Does it have a header? Three columns of content? A navigation menu?), and embed content like images and videos into a page. This module will introduce the first two of those and introduce fundamental concepts and syntax you wish to know to know HTML. Prerequisites Before starting this module, you do not need any previous HTML knowledge, but you must have a minimum of basic familiarity with using computers…

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  • What are Hyperlinks?Types and Importance

    What are Hyperlinks?Types and Importance A hyperlink is a text or an icon that you simply can click on to induce you to a different website. The link, which is typically in blue and is underlined, is a point of reference that connects a specific page to other pages over the web. The linked text is what’s referred to as the anchor text. as an example, once you click on the phrase “anchor text” within the previous sentence, it directs you to a page containing the definition of an anchor text. Aside from opening new pages, a hyperlink can bring the reader to a selected section within the identical page. this can be especially useful for helping readers navigate a…

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  • 6 Free Ways To Promote Your Website – Easy And Free To Apply

    6 Free Ways To Promote Your Website – Easy And Free To Apply The online business has been running well for the past years. it’s expanded vastly as technology improved and gained networks all around the globe. Online business owners rely upon the web to market their products and sell them on several types of websites that they create. And to gain traffic, they need to advertise or improve another website where they will increase people’s attention. Promoting a website sometimes requires you to pay money for your site to reach the viewers. But nowadays there are ways for you to promote your website at no cost. this may facilitate your gain more traffic and improve your business without spending…

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  • Which Torrenting Sites Are Still Working?

    Which Torrenting Sites Are Still Working? Torrenting nowadays isn’t how it accustomed be to several years ago. There are newer and better torrenting sites out there – but you won’t just find them easily, even via Google search. you furthermore might don’t want to waste your precious time checking dozens of trashy websites that promise torrenting but don’t actually offer it. Whether you’re attempting to find a movie, a game, or your favorite program, the subsequent list of torrenting sites will simplify your torrenting experience, thus helping you discover whatever you’re searching for in seconds. What are the Most Effective Torrenting Sites that also Work? 1 . The Pirate Bay – Best torrenting website overall The Pirate Bay (TPB) was…

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  • How to get a disposable email address

    How to Get a Disposable Email Address It’s almost impossible to measure without email. Most things have moved online and almost every form you fill out asks for your email. For apps or services like Google Drive that you simply use often, sharing your email isn’t an enormous deal. For services, you don’t plan on using often, giving your main email address opens you up to unnecessary messages. Disposable Email Address A disposable email address is an email that’s active for a brief amount of your time. you’ll send and receive emails to and from this address. after you do not need it, you’ll delete it. this enables you to, for instance, use a service temporarily but not have emails…

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  • How to add audio to Google Slides

    How to add audio to Google Slides A presentation is an audio/visual tool. With most presentations, the stress is typically on visually communicating ideas and presenting the information. Audio, while not used often, is as effective a tool to feature to a presentation. Audio in Google Slides Google Slides is Google’s presentation tool. It comes with themes, support for graphs, and you’ll insert audio and/or video files thereto. When inserted, the audio file is played directly from the slide i.e., you are doing not need to navigate to an audio player or to a website to play it. Add audio in Google Slides Before you’ll be able to add audio to Google Slides, you would like to first upload the…

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  • Install Debian packages on Arch Linux with Debtap

    Install Debian packages on Arch Linux with Debtap Are you trying to urge an app performing on Arch Linux or Manjaro but can’t find it within the official software repos or maybe the AUR? Try Debtap. It’s an automatic tool that may decompile DEB packages and convert them to native Arch Linux packages.  Debtap is experimental software. Packages that are converted with this tool might not always work. Use Debtap at your own risk! Installing Debtap on Arch Linux and Manjaro Debtap doesn’t include Arch Linux or Manjaro out of the box. However, it’s possible to urge this program to work quite quickly. to start out the installation process for Debtap, open up a terminal window. Unsure about a way to open up a terminal window on the desktop? Press Ctrl + Alt +…

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  • How to install Ubuntu Web Remix

    How to install Ubuntu Web Remix Ubuntu Web Remix may be a unique OS that takes the ability offered by Ubuntu and Firefox and creates a replacement, open-source web-based software. This guide will show you the way to line up Ubuntu Web Remix on your computer. Create an Ubuntu Web Remix USB installer Before installing Ubuntu Web Remix on your computer, you may need a USB installer. Creating a USB installer is simple. To do it, you need to download the Etcher application to your computer, install it, and open it. You can get your hands on Etcher by heading to the official website. Once on the website, download the program and launch it. Then, head over to the official Ubuntu Web Remix download page and download that too. Open up the Etcher application on your…

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  • How to Conduct an SEO Analysis to Climb SERPs for 2022 (+ SEO Evaluation Tools and Checklists)

    How to Conduct an SEO Analysis 1. Check Your Visibility on Google. 2. Check URLs and Meta Descriptions. 3. Analyze Titles and Headings. 4. Evaluate Incoming Links. 5. Analyze Your Spam Score. 6. Check Your Internal Links. 7. Investigate for Broken Links. 8. Analyze Your web page. 9. Audit Your Images. 10. Check Your Page Speed. Search engine optimization (SEO), in its simplest terms, is the process of constructing changes to your website to create it more visible to look engines and improve your site’s rank. But improving your SEO isn’t a process you wish to easily jump into without a technique in mind. Therefore, the simplest initiative in developing your SEO strategy is conducting an SEO analysis. What Is an…

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