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  • Reasons for Dandruff

    Reasons for Dandruff

    This post content portray the reasons for dandruff. The most widely recognized scalp disease and how to fix it. Each time I rub my hairs with my hands I generally see a fine little grain like white material is coming out from my hairs. I can’t help thinking about what is the reason for this dandruff and from where this…

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  • Abnormal skin color

    Loss of skin pigmentation,reduction in pigmentation and increased of pigments are features of a variety of disorders or abrormality of skin color.Detailed history-taking and examination,including use of wood’s light,are required to establish the diagnosis. Investigations will depend on the presentation.For example,microscopy of skin scrapings should be inflammation and scaling;screening for autoimmune disease may be required if vitiligo is suspected;and investigation…

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  • Four Advanced Tattoo Removal Options

      Tattoos can be pulled permanently and temporarily, and both can be removed from the body, even if following specific removal methods. If you are interested in getting rid of tattoos on your body then this piece is for you. Removing permanent tattoos The method of laser surgery When it comes to removing permanent ink from body composition, you can…

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    Pathogenesis of skin malignancy: SKIN TUMOURS is the most common malignancy in fair-skinned populations. It is categorised as non-melanoma subdivided in to basal cell carcinoma (BCC), the most common skin cancer and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC). The latter has precursor non-invasive states of intraepithelial carcinoma. (Bowen’s disease; BD) and dysplasia (actinic Keratosis; AK) Melanoma is much less common than NMSC, but…

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  • head lice


    Head Lice Infestation with the head louse, Pediculus humanus capitis,  is common. It is highly contagious and spread by direct head-to-head  contact. Scalp itch leads to scratching, secondary infection and cervical lymphadenopathy. The diagnosis is confirmed by identifying the living louse or nymph on the scalp or on a  black sheet of paper after careful fine-toothed  combing of wet hair …

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  • physical therapies


    Cryotherapy Cryotherapy may be a destructive treatment that use liquid nitrogen .The freezing and thawing process causes cell wall and membranes destruction and death.  nitrogen may be applied either with a cotton bud aur more effectively, with a Sapne gun. A big variety of conditions may be treated but it essential for the proper diagnosis to be made first ,…

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    General information is provide here with disease-specific   details given later on. Antibiotics Antibiotics are generally used for their anti-inffective properties,   particularly for staphylococcal and strepto-coccal  skin infections. In these indications the  correct antibiotics should be selected based on bacterial sensitibe-ity  and patient factors. As examples, oral flucloxacillin may be indicated for infected eczema,  intravenous benzyL penicillin and flucloxacillin for cellulitis,…

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