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Who Are Shuhada e Karbala- The Ones Who Stood With Haq

August 04, 2023
Who Are Shuhada e Karbala- The Ones Who Stood With Haq

Who Are Shuhada e Karbala- The Ones Who Stood With Haq


Ashura: The day Hazrat Imam Hussain RA gave his life to uphold the Islamic flag, the day just 72 Muslims stood up for what was right, and the day Haq triumphed despite suffering injuries. It marks the anniversary of Imam Hussain’s RA martyrdom. This world will never be able to forget the day when Yazeed ibn Muawwiya compelled the family of Hazrat Muhammad SAW to become martyrs. There are a lot of individuals here who don’t know anything about the Shuhada of Youm e Karbala. Here is a list of those who perished in the service of Haq so that you can familiarize yourself with their names.

The Banu Hashim, Abu Talib’s offspring:

Hazrat Hussain Ibn Ali RA is the first.

the son of Ameer ul Momineen Hazrat Ali and Khatoon e Jannat Hazrat Fatima RA, and the grandson of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAW. He served as this group’s leader and continues to serve as an inspiration to both men and women to always stand up for what is right, no matter what the situation.

Abbas Ibn Abu Talib (RA):

The half-brother and flag-bearer of Imam e Hussain. Bibi Umm ul Buneen’s son.

Ali Akbar Ibn e Hussain, RA:

The 18-year-old Imam e Hussain RA’s son was killed in the Battle of Karbala at the tender age of 18.

The Reverend Ali Asghar Ibn e Hussain:

the eldest child of Imam Hussain RA. When he died in the battle of Karbala, he was only a baby.

Abdullah Ibn e Ali (RA):

the son of Bibi Umm ul Buneen and the brother of Imam e Hussain RA who was killed at Karbala.

Jaffar Ibn e Ali RA,

The brother of Imam e Hussain RA and the son of Bibi Umm ul Buneen, Jaffar Bin Ali RA, was also martyred in Karbala.

Usman Ibn e Ali RA (verse 7)

Hussain’s brother and Bibi Umm ul Buneen’s son. Another Karbala martyr.

Abu Bakar Ibn e Ali, RA

The child of Layla bin e Masud and Hazrat Ali RA. He was slain in Karbala and was the half-brother of Imam e Hussain.

Abu Bakar Ibn Imam Hasan RA

The Imam e Hassan RA’s son. Together with his uncle, he participated in the Battle of Karbala and was killed there.

The RA Qasim Ibn Imam e Hassan

At the tender age of 13, Qasim RA, the son of Hazrat Imam e Hassan RA, participated in the Battle of Haq against Batil alongside his uncle.

Abdullah Ibn Imam e Hasan RA

The Imam e Hassan RA’s son fought alongside Imam e Hussain in the Karbala War.

Aun Abdullah Ibn Jaffar RA:

The valiant Bibi Zaynab RA, who died in the battle of Karbala, and his son.

Muhammad Ibn Abdullah Ibn e Jaffar RA :

The son of Bibi Zaynab and the brother of Aun RA. In the Karbala war, he gave his life in the Haq line.

In relation to Abdullah Ibn e Muslim Ibn e Aqeel RA,

Imam e Hussain’s cousin. He was the brother’s son of Hazrat Ali RA.

Muhammad Bin Muslim RA

Another Karbala slain cousin of Imam e Hussain.

The following Muhammad Ibn e Saeed Ibn e Aqeel RA:

Imam e Hussain RA’s cousin, who supported him during the Battle of Karbala.

Regarding Abdulrehman Ibn e Aqeel RA:

A Shuhada e Karbala member who is currently an Imam e Hussain RA cousin.

Jaffar Ibn e Aqeel RA

The Imam e Hussain RA’s cousin who participated in the Battle of Karbala with him. These are the 18 members of Imam e Hussain’s household who gave their life that day without bowing their heads!

The additional Shuhada of Karbala is as follows:

Asad Bani:

Hazrat Habib Ibn e Mazahir Asadi, age 19.

Uns Ibn e Hars Asadi,

 Hazrat Ibn e Ausaja Asadi Muslim

Hazrat Qais Ibn e Asher Asadi

Hazrat Abu Samama Ibn e Abdullah

Hazrat Bareer Hamdani

Hazrat Hanzala Ibn e Asad

Hazrat Abis Shakri

Hazrat Abdul Rehman Rahbi,

Saif Ibn e Haris, Hazrat

Amer Ibn Abdullah Hamdani, Hazrat


Junada Ibn e Haris, Hazrat

Hazrat Majma Ibn Abdullah

Hazrat Nafey Ibn e Halal was

Moazzin of Kafla-e-Karbala, Hazrat Hajjaj Ibn e Masrooq


Umer Ibn e Qarza, Hazrat

Hazrat Abdul Rehman Ibn Abdur-Rub

Junada Ibn e Kaab, Hazrat

Amer Ibn e Junada, Hazrat

Naeem Ibn e Ajlan, Hazrat

Saad Ibn e Hars, Hazrat

Khas-Ami and Bijli:

Zuhair Ibn e Qain, Hazrat

Salman Ibn e Mazarib, Hazrat

Hazrat Saeed Ibn e Umer,

Hazrat Abdullah Ibn e Basheer

Ghaffari and Kandi:

Yazid Ibn e Zaid Kandi, Hazrat

Hazrat Harb Ibn e Umr-ul-Qais

Hazrat Zaheer Ibn e Amer

Hazrat Basheer Ibn e Amer,

Hazrat Abdullah Arwah Ghaffari,

Ghulam Abu Zar Ghaffari and Hazrat Jaun


Hazrat Abdullah Ibn e Ameer

Hazrat Abdul Aala Ibn e Yazeed

Hazrat Saleem Ibn e Ameer


Hazrat Qasim Ibn e Habib

Zaid Ibn e Saleem, Hazrat

Noman Ibn e Umar, Hazrat


Hazrat Yazeed Ibn e Sabeet

Hazrat Amir Ibn e Muslim

Hazrat Saif Ibn e Malik

Tai and Tameemi:

Hazrat Jabir Ibn e Hajjaji,

Hazrat Masood Ibn e Hajjaji,

Hazrat Abdul Rehman Ibn e Masood

Hazrat Baker Ibn e Haee

Ammar Ibn e Hassan Tai, Hazrat


Hazrat Zurghama Ibn e Malik,

Hazrat Kinana Ibn e Ateeq,

Tameemi and Jahani:

Hazrat Aqaba Ibn e Sulat

Hazrat Hur Ibn e Yazeed Tameemi,

Hazrat Aqaba Ibn e Sulat

Other Karbala Martyrs

Hazrat Habala Ibn Ali Sheebani,

Hazrat Qanab Ibn e Umar,

Hazrat Abdullah Ibn e Yaqteer

Imam Zain ul Abideen’s Ghulam, Hazrat Aslam, Ghulam-e-Turki

These 72 individuals lost both their lives and their limbs, but 1400 years later, they are still standing strong. They teach us that while there will always be a Yazeed ibn Muawwiya towing the Batil line in every period, we should be Hussaini instead. the ones who protect the Haq and are impervious to the blade!

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