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5 Best Ladies Handbag Brands in Pakistan

January 10, 2024
5 Best Ladies Handbag Brands in Pakistan

5 Best Ladies Handbag Brands in Pakistan

Any woman’s outfit is complete with a ladies’ handbag. It facilitates carrying your accessories in addition to adding style. A variety of ladies’ handbag styles can accommodate every circumstance. Every style, whether a tote bag for the gym or a clutch for a party, is designed for a specific use.

When it comes to bags, quality is just as important as style. Several ladies’ bag brands sell them, but it can take time to determine which one offers the best value. The top five brands of women’s handbags in Pakistan are included in this post in case you need help determining where to purchase bags. Examine it thoroughly and peruse their assortment to select the ideal purse.

Style Bags

Stylo is a well-known shoe brand, which makes it the ideal option for women’s purses. Stylo is a fashion brand that manufactures high-end, fashionable bags. It includes a variety of bags that you can use for parties, the workplace, and colleges. A style bag is the most fantastic choice if you’re seeking branded bags for women.

It offers a variety of ladies’ handbags, such as backpacks, leather bags, and shoulder bags. The cost of Stylo bags in Pakistan varies from 3,000 to 9,500 rupees. Many local brands sell inexpensive bags, but they need to live up to the standards set by Stylo.

Michael Kors Purses

Among the most recognisable names worldwide for women’s bags is Michael Kors. Posing any of its women’s purses makes a big impression on other people. Giving someone a Michael Kors handbag will make them a significant admirer of yours.

It meets every woman’s needs and comes in various bag styles. Although Michael Kors is one of Pakistan’s most costly women’s bag companies, the price is well worth it. The cost of a Michael Kors bag can range from Rs. 30,000 to over Rs. 100,000 in Pakistan. Michael Kors purses are affordable for many Pakistanis thanks to sales that occur there.

Purses by Louis Vuitton

It’s only one of the countless branded purses available to ladies worldwide. You have probably seen celebrities carrying LV-branded women’s handbags. The fashion company Louis Vuitton creates many goods for men and women.

Women can utilise the trendy backpacks from Louis Vuitton to go to the office or university. They appear refined and classy. Because it offers bags for every age range, women of all ages enjoy holding its bags. The cost of a Louis Vuitton bag can range from a few thousand to over one hundred thousand rupees in Pakistan.

Calvin Klein Purses

The best women’s handbags in Pakistan may be found at Calvin Klein, another famous women’s bag brand in Pakistan. Calvin Klein sells local leather shoulder bags and purses for women in addition to importing them. Local manufacturers maintain the same level of quality.

Pakistan offers a vast assortment of Calvin Klein handbags. These branded bags for ladies are available both online and in real places. The cost of a Calvin Klein bag in Pakistan can range from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of rupees, just like other local brands.

Bags Borjan

In Pakistan, Borjan Bags is uniquely positioned among women’s handbag brands. It offers some excellent women’s handbags, including shoulder bags and clutches. When searching for a high-quality leather purse for women, Borjan should be your first choice.

Borjan bags can be used for office, university, or party use. Women’s backpacks by Borjan are available for carrying laptops and other accessories. The cost of Borjan bags in Pakistan varies between Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 5,000.

In summary

The top 5 brands of women’s handbags in Pakistan are included in this article. These are good choices if you want branded women’s bags. You can get women’s handbags from brick-and-mortar stores, and online retailers also provide them.

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